A Short Biography

A scary picture of Stephen

Stephen B. Jenkins left high school before graduating to pursue a short and rather unsuccessful career as a professional musician. Returning to school, he graduated 'with distinction' from Algonquin College in 1981 with a diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology. He joined the Unsteady Aerodynamics Laboratory of the National Research Council of Canada, where he worked on the development of real-time instrumentation and software systems for dynamic wind tunnel experiments, particularly in the non-linear flight regime. In 1996 the Institute for Aerospace Research was re-organized, and he became a member of the Software and Instrumentation Group at the Montreal Road Facilities of the Aerodynamics Laboratory, where he is currently employed as their senior programmer/analyst. His primary area of responsibility is the development of new software systems for the Laboratory's wind tunnels.

Steve is an avid Perl and Unix hacker and is a strong supporter of open-source software and open standards. In his spare time he enjoys motorcycling and playing the piano.

On the net, he often goes by the nickname Erudil.

For more information contact Erudil@Erudil.com
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